Why sterilising your pets is important

Sterilising your pets can help to prevent the births of thousands of unwanted animals in years to come.

Tips to help find missing cats

When cats go missing they generally don’t go far, but they may be too scared to let you know where they are. Some tips on what to do.

Helpful tips for finding your lost pet

When a pet goes missing it is devastating, but prompt action can make all the difference. We share some tips on what to do if this happens to you.

What you should do before you go on holiday?

So many pets become lost or abandoned during the holiday season. This is such an unnecessary problem that could be prevented by foresight and preparation for your pet when you go away. Read more for advice on what to do for your pet when you are on holiday.

SPCA’s rules & regulations for Fireworks

The Sandton and Eastern Metro SPCA has a strict stance regarding the use of fireworks. Read more on the rules, regulations & reasoning behind this stance.

What you should do in an emergency

Even pets are faced with medical emergencies. Would you know what to do if you found an injured animal? Read more on animal emergencies to help prepare for such an occurrence.

Important information on exotic pets

Exotic pets may seem like a great idea but there’s a lot more behind the exotic trade that you are not aware Of. Read more to find out what you should know about exotic pets.

How to report cruelty

Animal cruelty is widespread problem in society. With the public’s help in reporting animal cruelty we can begin to mend the problem. Read more on how you can help in the fight against animal cruelty.

About the Identipet Identification Microchip

What’s so special about having your pet microchipped? Here is some need-to-know information about the advantages of microchipping your pet.

Adopting a cat

Adding a new cat to your household can be a stressful undertaking. Here are some helpful tips to make the process a whole lot smoother.