Tips to help find missing cats

Missing cats generally do not go far away. They are likely to go to ground nearby home or where they went missing. They will hide and stay put until they feel more secure, which can be some time. They may be frightened, or lost and confused and may not feel safe enough to come out when you call for them.

To get them to come out and come home try the following:

  1. Call for them when it’s quiet, early in the morning or late at night. These are the times cats are likely to come out.
  2. Put food out in places the cat is likely to find it so he won’t go further away looking for something to eat.
  3. Put flyers all around your neighbourhood in post boxes and gates asking people to call you even if they only see your cat. You might be able to track the cat once seen.
  4. Cats have a keen sense of smell. Taking something that has been worn by his favourite person during gym or gardening (unwashed) and dragging it around the garden and into the house has worked for some people to get the cat to come home. (You can get creative here – a favourite toy, cat’s blanket etc. All may help to get cat to come home)
  5. Don’t delay. Waiting to see if the cat comes home by its self may decrease your chances of finding your cat. Report your cat missing immediately to several SPCAs, phone vets, in case your cat has been found by someone and brought in.
  6. Lastly do not give up after a few days. Keep trying these tips – your cat may not come back right away.