Please donate to keep us warm

There’s no stopping your SPCA

Or should I say, a hearty hello! We’re almost halfway through 2020 – and what a year it’s turning out to be! One thing’s for sure, though: your support has kept us going through these unprecedented times. Thanks to you, COVID-19 hasn’t stopped us from doing our work every day.

Our Inspectors are still busy with outreach activities and still attend to cases of animal cruelty and abandonment . . . kennel staff still ensure that the animals in our care are well looked after and get everything they need . . . clinic staff still look after the health of the animals in our community – and our front office staff still answer calls every day and keep our records up to date.

Once the lockdown is lifted, we hope you’ll visit us here at the SPCA Sandton – because we’re looking forward to welcoming you.

Now to my special request . . .

We urgently need to buy more blankets, towels, dry dog and cat food and infra-red globes – our winter supplies are low! Please will you click here now to send your gift of warmth?

With around 90 dogs here at any given time – not counting the average of 30 that come in every week – you can imagine how quickly we go through supplies. Cats usually number about 20 – and about 10 feline friends arrive every week, too!

You can see why, every week, we go through 300kg of dry dog food and about 5kgs of wet food – as well as about 10kgs of cat biscuits a week and 3kgs of tinned cat food, too. Your help – and donation made by clicking here – to feed our animals during the cold months ahead will be hugely appreciated!

No Stopping the SPCAThank you in advance for your loyalty, compassion and kindness.

Yours faithfully,

General Manager

PS. If you can manage to donate now, no matter the amount, you’ll help ensure that animals have the comfort of warmth and good food. If you can’t donate please share this post with friends and family. Thank you!

PPS. Read on for more news about what support like yours helps to make possible.