Animal abuse will not be tolerated from anyone, young or old

Scholars arrested for bestiality

Sandton SPCA has laid charges of animal cruelty and bestiality against 8 scholars. We take all abuse very seriously.

Legal warnings about animals: a serious matter

Did you know that, in just one year, the Sandton SPCA responds to over 700 complaints of neglect and cruelty? In the same period, our Inspectors also issued around 820 legal warnings to compel people to act in the animals’ best interests.

Chickens deserve humane treatment, too!

The image of chickens roaming free in the fresh air and pecking in the dirt . . . able to stretch their wings in the sunshine . . . nothing could be further from what we found in the basement of a building in Johannesburg.

How to report cruelty

Animal cruelty is widespread problem in society. With the public’s help in reporting animal cruelty we can begin to mend the problem. Read more on how you can help in the fight against animal cruelty.