Education is key in preventing animal cruelty

Supplying a smile for Snoopy

When Senior Inspector Stephen found a dog and her three puppies in an outdoor structure that the family used as a shower, he knew that education – not prosecution – was the first step.

He first explained that Snoopy needs space to move, adequate shelter to provide ventilation, nutritious food to eat and fresh water at all times. He then also explained to the family that it is unfair for the dog to be chained in one area where it has to conduct all activities in one place: eating, drinking, resting and urinating – as well as feeding her puppies.

As the family had no means to buy a kennel, Inspector Stephen returned to provide a kennel, blanket, toys and stainless steel food and water bowls for Snoopy – as well as food. Snoopy was also scheduled for a spay at the SPCA Sandton.

Much negligence and cruelty occurs because of a lack of education. Where possible, educating pet owners is the first step to rectifying an unacceptable situation – unless there is intentional, blatant cruelty involved or neglect of such severity that no remedial action is possible.

What’s on our Inspectors’ wish list?

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