Lost & Found

What to do

A peripheral service of the Sandton SPCA is to provide a “Lost & Found” service to the public. This is achieved in the following ways:

  1. Take detailed reports on lost and/or found animals from members of the public. This info can be given telephonically or by visiting the shelter.
  2. Collect lost animals reported by members of the public or local veterinary clinics.
  3. Check for identification either by checking for a microchip or consulting our lost reports.

Found a Pet?

If you are within the Sandton SPCA’s jurisdiction please call us during office hours on 011 444 7730.

We try our utmost to help members of the public find their lost pets. However, the onus is on the owner to report their pet missing, and check regularly with us to see if the pet has been picked up. We cannot be held responsible if animals are not reclaimed.

We are also proactive in reducing the number of missing pets by micro-chipping every dog adopted from, or found at, our facility.

If lost pets are not claimed from the Sandton SPCA within 96 hours (municipal pound time), they are put up for adoption. A statutory municipal fee is charged (which includes the pound fee, boarding per night, microchip and any veterinary costs incurred) when an animal is claimed.

Should you claim your missing pet after the 96 hour period, the animal will need to go through our adoption process, including a pre-home check and sterilisation, as it will have become the property of the Sandton SPCA.

In order to report a lost pet please complete the form below. If you have difficulty completing the form and need assistance please call us on 011 444 7730 during office hours.

Please do not report lost and found animals on our Facebook Page as this page is not managed on a 24-hour basis and we cannot guarantee we will be able to respond out of business hours.

Lost a Pet?

Please fill in the form below to report your lost or missing animal. The form is only valid for the Sandton SPCA.