Animal abuse will not be tolerated from anyone, young or old

Scholars arrested for bestiality

What do you expect young scholars to be doing in their free time? Play football, run around chasing each other and be merry. That’s what an 8 year old, 9 year old, 10 year old and 13 year old are supposed to be doing. But that is not always the world that we are living in. Sadly community members caught not 1, not 2, but 8 scholars, aged 8 to 13 having sexual intercourse with a dog in Alexandra. This is the new pastime for young scholars – raping an innocent, mute animal. There is obviously no question of mutual consent.

Our imagination falls short of an image of young boys chasing a ball around and an excited dog yapping about. Our minds cannot comprehend why and how the pillars of our future thought it is okay and not just okay, but enjoyable, to perform sexual acts on a dog! We were sure that kids are innocent and won’t even know what bestiality is. How wrong we were!

Sandton SPCA has laid charges of animal cruelty in terms of the Animals Protection Act and charges of bestiality in terms of the Criminal Law (sexual offence and related matters) Amendment Act. Both these charges are serious and may lead to imprisonment if found guilty. We are still investigating the case to see if this is the only incident.

‘Justice will be served!’  Is this the thought uppermost in your minds? But what about the poor creature involved? Sandton SPCA rescued the dog and it is safely in our care. The safety is only physical though. What about the mental state of the dog? What will it be feeling? Does it feel betrayed? Is it cowering in fear whenever a human approaches? Only time will tell. But Sandton SPCA and our staff will be doing their utmost to show the dog love and care.

Children have to be educated on the humane treatment of animals. The youth are the leaders of the future. Research proves that minor animal abusers commit more serious crimes when they grow up, some even committing rape and murder. Combating animal cruelty when committed at a young age should be addressed as a matter of priority in order to educate the kids and ensure it is not committed again. It is the duty of the society to teach children empathy and sympathy towards animals and fellow humans.

Dogs are supposed to be a man’s best friend. Is it too much to ask for man to at least not become the enemy of dogs? We are certainly a long way from becoming their friend.

The Sandton SPCA cares about all animals and calls on community members to report animal cruelty. The details of all complainants are kept confidential at all times. Report animal cruelty by phoning 011-444-7730 or via this page.