Reaching out with education and animal health care in Alex

If it were not for the Sandton SPCA’s clinic, sterilisation and outreach programme in Alexandra, thousands more animals would be living in dire conditions.

High unemployment rates, the daily battle for survival, and a lack of education mean that the welfare of many animals in the Alex community come last . . . including the need for sterilisation.

Our clinic in Alexandra offers help with on-the-spot consultations and advice, provides primary health care services such as deworming and parasite control, and educates pet owners on the need to have their pets sterilised.

Our outreach project also visits the area and transports any severely ill or injured animals back to the Sandton SPCA for veterinary treatment, or for sterilisation. 

Travelling into Alex and being warmly received by grateful community members is always a highlight of our week. Take a look for yourself.