Dog trapped in drain rescued by Sandton SPCA

No pain, no drain

After hearing that a dog was trapped a sewerage drain near the Gautrain’s Marlboro Garden station, Sandton SPCA Inspector Mohlala and kennel assistant, Collet Shuma, rushed to the rescue.

But this was to be no ordinary mission . . . the rescuers soon realised they’d need an extra-long ladder to reach the dog – and summonsed help from Inspector Malia, who promptly joined the team with more equipment.

Undaunted by the danger, Collet carefully climbed down the deep drain – not an exercise for the faint-hearted – until he reached the dog. He was relieved to see that she wasn’t injured – but she was covered in ticks and fleas.

The hungry stray was brought to the Sandton SPCA where she was given a gentle shampoo and warm bath, a big bowl of nutritious food . . . and showered with cuddles and care before being tucked into a soft bed.

Thank heavens for the two Gautrain security staff members who alerted us to the plight of this dog. She would have died a slow and terrible death if she’d stayed there. And thank heavens for YOU – because it’s your support of the Sandton SPCA that made this rescue – and others like it – a great success. Thank you!

Dog trapped in drain rescued by Sandton SPCA