Would it even be Mandela Day if you couldn’t get your hands dirty and your clothes full of animal fur?

We would love to welcome you to our SPCA for a morning of elbow grease and of course, some cuddles!

We are incredibly blessed to have Hills sponsor food for all our animals – if you would like to bring physical donations, the following items are always appreciated:

1. Unwanted secondhand goods, clothes and books for our Charity and Pre-loved Book Shop.

2. Blankets, towels and newspaper.

3. Maintenance equipment (brooms, hose pipes, tools, garden tools, poop scoopers etc.).

4. Consumables (tea, coffee, cleaning detergents etc.) and stationery.

5. Extension chords and multiplugs.

If you do want to donate food, we will use it for outreach and surplus food will be paid forward to other needy SPCAs and animal welfare organisations.

Time: 08h30 – 11h30

Please complete the below form:

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