Little people with big hearts

Three cheers for the Grade 5 boys and teachers of King Edward VII Preparatory School (KEPS)! Their efforts resulted in a wonderful donation of blankets and dog food – which was delivered with love by Alex Tuck (and his mom) and also by Ilhan Abdoola (and his dad).

As part of the boys’ Life Orientation studies, they completed a project on animal abuse and the prevention of cruelty. The immense value of this learning cannot be over-emphasised and we thank the Grade 5 teachers for choosing this theme.

Alexyia Christoforou and the 1st River Trail Scouts are shining stars! They collected money for the Sandton SPCA and young Alexyia visited especially to hand over their generous donation.

We also received a welcome visit from Ruwaad and Ziya, who visited the Sandton SPCA with a surprise gift of food and blankets. Thank you for making more cuddles possible for our dogs and cats this winter!

The initiative and kindness that we see in young people is inspiring: your energy and compassion makes a difference!