Legal warnings about animals: a serious matter

Did you know that, in just one year, the Sandton SPCA responds to over 700 complaints of neglect and cruelty? In the same period, our Inspectors also issued around 820 legal warnings to compel people to act in the animals’ best interests.

And no – those figures don’t apply to the whole country – just to the Sandton SPCA’s area of jurisdiction. In addition to the whole of Sandton, this also covers communities such as Alexandra, Betrams, Bez Valley, Troyeville and Hillbrow.

Your donations to the Sandton SPCA ensure that our Inspectors can keep helping animals in distress, and keep up their educational efforts in all communities, since many instances of neglect are a result of ignorance, and are not wilful cruelty. Thank you for helping us to remain proactive by preventing cruelty.