Your Birthday Fundraiser

Birthday coming up? Time for a Sandton SPCA fundraiser!

Birthdays help animals! This birthday, YOU can help animals!

Have you always wanted to do something good on your birthday? Ever wanted to share your day with animals, beings who cannot speak for themselves? Maybe you do not want a dozen bouquets or 4 sets of coasters as gifts! Maybe you do not want the latest Barbies piling up for your child’s birthday. Your dad always hates the numerous ties he gets!

Look no further! Sandton SPCA is here to help! We have a simple, easy to use and perfectly safe avenue for you. The good news – it’s all online!

All it takes is some details around why you want to support animals (Don’t worry; you get to pick the way in which you and your social circle can help.) We upload your page on the Back-A-Buddy platform. We then send you a link which you can share with your social circle – friends, family, colleagues, anyone. All of them will be able to donate by clicking the link given. Easy-peasy!

So, how can you donate your birthday to help animals?

Step 1 : To get started, we need some details from you :

  1. A brief write-up about you along with a photo
  2. Why do you want to raise funds for Sandton SPCA?
  3. What do you want to raise funds for? The options include funds in aid of outreach program for:
    1. sterilize animals from impoverished areas
    2. blankets and toys for the animals
    3. kennel upgrades
    4. equipment for our Inspectors
    5. fuel for the vehicles

And finally,

  1. A target for how much you think you can raise (you can go as high as you would like! Just rally all your friends, family)

Step 2 : Now, Sandton SPCA gets into action.

We have our own profile set up on Back-A-Buddy. (You can check it out here) We would get your page uploaded and share the link with you.

Step 3 : Time to round up friends and family!

You would have to share the link via social channels (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail etc) to as many of your acquaintances as you think would help you achieve your target (or go above it!)

Step 4 : Donations start coming in!

The donors would just need to click on the link you share. They would be taken to a page where they can choose from EFT, Credit Card payment and PayPal. Simple and safe! All the funds will directly come to us at Sandton SPCA. No 3rd party handles cash.

How do you keep track?

To help everyone keep a track on how you are doing with the target, there is a thermometer on the page. It shows how much has been raised and how much still needs to be raised.

So, let’s get cracking! Whose birthday is coming up? It’s going to make the day for so many animals..

Donate your birthday to the SPCA. Start Now!