Sandton SPCA’s Wish List

Below is a comprehensive list of items and ways in which you, your family and friends or your business can practically assist the Sandton SPCA with things we desperately need.

Operating Costs

The day-to-day running of the Shelter requires the following in donations:

  • Blankets and towels,
  • Dog and cat food which can be either dry or tinned,
  • Accessories such as collars, food bowls and pet toys,
  • Chlorine tabs for cleaning and disinfecting,
  • Grooming equipment,
  • River sand for the catteries,
  • Building equipment for various projects including the re-tarring of the driveway,
  • Electric fencing for security,
  • Gardening equipment,
  • Sponsoring of utilities like electricity & water on a monthly basis, or the donation of a solar panel so that we can become self-sufficient,
  • Heaters for the offices and surgery,
  • Infrared lamp bulbs for the heaters in the catteries and kennels,
  • A horse trailer with a ramp,
  • paint for the premises,
  • Sponsorship of educational materials & printing,
  • General office stationery,
  • Office furniture,
  • Fire extinguishers and
  • Donation of services like accounting and IT.


Our surgery requires the following:

  • Surgical supplies,
  • Sponsorship of laboratory fees (around R4,000 per month),
  • Air conditioning and heating for the recovery room,
  • Renovations to the recovery room,
  • Additional cages for recovery animals,
  • Surgery cupboards to secure equipment and
  • A washing machine to wash blankets.
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Mobile Clinic

Our mobile clinic requires the following support:

  • Monthly funding to provide veterinary services in the areas of
    • Bez Valley
    • Alex Township
    • Bertrams
  • Sterilisation supplies,
  • Medical supplies & medicine,
  • Ongoing petrol sponsorship and routine maintenance on the vehicle.
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Small things make a big difference!

There are a number of small things that we always need here at the SPCA to help us minimise our costs and make sure we provide the best care for our animals. View our wish list.

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