Become a Volunteer

Help us care for these amazing animals

The Sandton SPCA currently has a dog walking volunteer programme that runs on Saturday mornings from 09:00 until about 12:00, though you will often find the volunteers staying until closing time when the staff have to kick them out!

The time is spent walking, playing, socialising, giving one-on-one TLC and generally interacting with the dogs to the benefit of both the animals and the people.

Volunteer cat lovers are also welcome and spend their time sitting with the adult cats who love every visitor they get and of course, playing with the cute kittens.


Who can Volunteer?

Anyone over the age of 18 is welcome to become part of the volunteer programme. We unfortunately do not currently have the capacity to accommodate community service for minors. We hope that this will resume in the near future.


What are the Requirements?

All prospective volunteers are required to complete these forms, pay a fee of R250 which covers the provision of a volunteer T-shirt and attend a short training session that covers basic rules, the environment, and objectives of the programme. Every participant is required to complete and sign the forms before the start of the training session.


What is the Commitment?

Once you have completed the training session you are a member of the group. You will be required to book your spot on a Saturday and arrive at 9AM and be available until 12PM.

When does the programme operate?

The programme runs every Saturday morning from opening time at 09:00. Generally, we try to ensure all the dogs have been walked by 11:30.

The SPCA is closed on public holidays so if the Saturday is a public holiday the programme does not run.

General Information:

  1. It is recommended that you wear trainers or similar shoes, and Sandton SPCA Volunteer Golf Shirts. The walking areas are in grassy paddocks with an uneven surface and frequent doggie landmines and the dogs are excited, energetic and looking forward to attention so you will get jumped on, licked and covered in dog or cat hair.
  2. We only use Rogz collars and leads and these items are available each Saturday morning but as they continually go missing donations towards replacements are greatly welcomed. If you become a regular walker we recommend having your own collar and lead.
  3. For the Saturday programme please only bring dog biscuits (i.e. Beenos) and cat nibbles as treats.
    Please do not bring rawhide chews, cow hooves, biltong, etc as these not only cause upset tummies but can lead to jealousy in the shared kennels.
  4. Sturdy, durable toys are also always appreciated and most welcome.

Raring to go?

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