Oreo the matted maltese before his cleanup

From mystery man to magic Maltese

Can you imagine seeing a dog’s coat so overgrown, dirty and matted that you can’t even tell what breed he is? That’s exactly what happened with Oreo.

He was initially handed in at a Kensington veterinary practice, after which Inspector Xolane went to collect him. Thanks to the help of Groovy Grooming, a mobile pet parlour, layers of crusty hair were clipped away . . .

. . . and made way for a handsome chocolate-and-white little Maltese poodle . . . an adorable Oreo!

At around three years young – and with his winning good looks and sweet nature – Oreo was transferred into kennel E9 for adoption. Will he still be there by the time you read this? We hope not – hopefully, he’ll be in his furever home!

Oreo the matted maltese after his cleanup