Caught weavers freed by Sandton SPCA

Freeing caught weavers

Have you seen the bright yellow weavers busily weaving their nests? Wild and beautiful, you can watch them for hours! Sadly, humans were found exploiting these beautiful creatures.

Several wild weavers were caught and being sold by a hawker next to the road at Atholl Square in Sandton. They were rescued by the Sandton SPCA following a complaint from a concerned member of the public.

The weavers were all in severe distress. Imagine! Wild, free weavers stuffed together in a tiny cage without food or water. Vehicles roaring around, pedestrians walking by – chaos for the birds.

Our Inspectorate removed the birds in terms of the Animals Protection Act. A warning was issued to the hawkers. As part of our prevention of animal cruelty efforts, we also educated the hawkers to ensure that they do not capture or sell wild animals again.

The birds were taken to the Sandton SPCA Clinic for examination by one of our dedicated veterinarians. After a clear health check, the birds were taken to the Johannesburg Wildlife Veterinary Hospital for rehabilitation. They would be released back into the wild where they belong.

Wild animals belong in the wild. We should not keep or breed them in captivity. We need to protect them by refusing to buy wild or exotic pets. Enjoy the weaver birds’ hectic nest building in the trees around Johannesburg rather than capturing them.

Please report any animal abuse you encounter to the Sandton SPCA. We need the help of watchful and upstanding citizens to prevent animal cruelty. Please contact us on 011 444 7730 or send an email to – the details of all complainants are always kept confidential.

A cage on a busy street is no place for wild weavers

A cage on a busy street is no place for wild weavers