Sandton SPCA keeps helping pets in Alex during Covid crisis

Concern for pets in Alex, despite Covid crisis

When the SPCA Sandton Inspectors visited Alexandra to conduct door-to-door animal welfare inspections, it was heart-warming to see that despite the COVID-19 crisis, people were still concerned about their animals.

Residents approached the SPCA Inspectors to tell them about their dogs and how badly they needed food. Inspectors were welcomed into Alex residents’ homes, where they were proudly introduced to the furry members of the family.

Where there were welfare concerns, warnings were formally presented – and upon our Inspectors’ return to follow up, all had taken the recommended measures to rectify problems.

The outreach visit succeeded in increasing pet sterilisation. The more animals sterilised, the greater the reduction in unwanted animals – and cruelty.

Senior Inspector Stephen said that he’s incredibly proud of his team. ‘Not once have they halted their work,’ he said.

In total 62 animals were helped during this visit, and the team hopes to conduct another outreach in mid-June.

If you’d like to contribute towards the spay of one of the Alex pets, please click here to make your donation. And thank you!