A letter from Tyson Serra

My name is Tyson Serra. I was adopted from here on the 20th of March 2008. It was said that I was thrown into a dustbin along with my brothers and sisters, lucky for me there are wonderful people like the ones I may find at this organisation that saved my life.

A letter from ‘Miss Deed’ to the Sandton SPCA

We received this letter from one of our previous residents now know as ‘Miss Deed’. Miss Deed came to visit us on her birthday yesterday to share her story with our team.

Milo and Lily

Happy Adoption Letter from Lyverne, thank you for sharing this with us! ” I thought I’d let you know that we are simply loving the doggies that we adopted from your SPCA. We adopted the standard poodle, Pop and the Pekinese cross. We have called them Milo and Lily and both seem to have learnt their new names. Milo is …

Lucee the Chihuahua

Thanks to David Ravenscroft for sharing this story on our Facebook page in January….. We adopted a little x Chihuahua named Lucee from Sandton SPCA on 25 Sept 2013 … She is now Lolita and rules our house with love licks and energy. Do not understand why she was ever “unwanted” And just for the record … five years ago …


Tickles the pup

It’s only day 2 and our new baby has settled so well! She has fitted into the pack as though she was always part of it. She and our old girl (Gia, who is 11 years old and the matriarch of the pack) swapped beds – I think Gia wanted the new one because it has flowers on it.