At last: a fresh start for Zara

German Shepherd, Zara arrived at our kennels in a shocking state: thin, depressed and suffering from severe mange. Something in her spirit compelled us to do everything we could to nurse her back to health . . . and so our journey with this special soul began.

Antibiotics, medicated shampoo, supplements, nutritious food – and much tender loving care – all combined to help Zara heal; and four months later, she looked more like a German Shepherd and less like a hyena.

Throughout her long road to recovery, her courageous and beautiful spirit reminded us to never give up.

Finally, Zara went to a fantastic home. When Carrie and Chelsea Mercado arrived to fetch this special girl, we had to say an emotional (but happy!) farewell.

To rewind to the beginning of Zara’s story, take a look at this Facebook post.