Neglected security dog now safely at the SPCA

Abused security dog rescued

Security dogs are sometimes the safety net for people. They guard your houses, properties with their lives. Keeping you safe and secure. Meet Handsome, one such guard dog. Only he is not looking so handsome right now in his emancipated condition. He was still guarding the property though.

Based on a complaint from a local veterinarian about Handsome’s condition, Sandton SPCA conducted site investigation. We found that Handsome is in no condition to guard and moreover, the security company owning him, is unlicensed. It also does not have the permission to use dogs for security purposes.

Sandton SPCA now has custody of Handsome after an in depth conversation with the owner of the security company. A warning has been issued to the company to cease their use of dogs for security purposes with immediate effect.

We are working to make sure Handsome stays true to his name. He is an 8 year old cross breed male dog. He is looking for a handsome family to love and cherish like only dogs can. Please contact us if you would like to adopt Handsome on 011-444-7730 or send an email to

Handsome has been with Sandton SPCA for just over a week and has already gained a significant amount of weight – it just shows you what some tender love and care can do for an animal.

Guard dogs should be well looked after even though they do not live with families. Sandton SPCA is opposed to any animal working if the animal’s welfare is compromised in any way. No animal should be subjected to abuse or cruelty.

Sandton SPCA cares about all animals and calls on community members to report animal cruelty. The details of all complainants are kept confidential at all times. Report animal cruelty by phoning 011-444-7730 or via our online form (you may remain anonymous).