We know the demands of International Mandela Day can be overwhelming. There is so much need in our beautiful country that the request for donations can be too much at times – sometimes we don’t give because we don’t have much to give and think: “what difference will this make?”

We want to assure you that there is no donation too small – we count every cent that we are generously given, and we make every cent count.

That’s why we thought that this year, instead of appealing to our supporters for donations to cover our overheads, we thought we would rather encourage the power of personal networks where seemingly small donations collectively will make a HUGE difference.

Just imagine you, and 66 of your friends/family each donated just R1 – and then those 67 friends/family did the same and so on and so forth – the duplication of just R1 donations could equate to tens of thousands, even millions of Rands being donated to keeping our animals safe and happy.

Sound too easy? That’s because it is! What do you say?

Donate here

Here is a copy and paste message that you can send to your network:

Dear family and friends

I have chosen to support the Sandton SPCA this Mandela Day with a small donation and have accepted the challenge to get 67 of my family and friends to do the same. Please consider making a contribution to this worthy cause – all it takes is R1. Yes, R1.

You can make your donation here: https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/r67-from-67-hands or at www.sandtonspca.org.za/donate-now/

I also challenge you to reach out to 67 people on your network to do the same. Let’s start a tidal wave of R1 donations and change the world for animals.

Thank you for your amazing contribution!