At the Sandton and Eastern Metro SPCA, we believe that animals, as living creatures, have a value beyond economic measurement and are entitled to legal, moral and ethical consideration and protection.

Our aim is the prevention of cruelty to animals and to provide a place of safety and care for all animals in distress. SPCA work encompasses all animals, including wildlife, equine and farm animals, marine life and animals used for experimentation.  We are a non-profit organization not funded by government, and rely  on the general public for financial support.

The Sandton and Eastern Metro SPCA is situated in 9th Street, Marlboro Gardens, Johannesburg. Click here  for our full jurisdiction.

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Adopt a shelter pet and make a friend for life. Browse the current animals available for adoption and read more about our adoption procedure.   We need your help in order to continue to do the work we do. There are many easy ways you can support our cause and make a difference.   If you’re an animal lover, join our volunteer programme which includes dog walking & kitten cuddling at our pound. Volunteer a special skill or fundraising effort here too.
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